Best fundraising product ever The packaging is beautiful "We are definitely doing this again next year" 100% of the profit goes straight back into your school "We are definitely doing this again next year" "The team at School Aid was amazing" Great to sell because good quality and not overpriced "Easiest fundraiser all year" "Our small school made 6k"

Introducing School Aid

Connect With Us

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Disaster Plasters

We wanted to find an everyday consumable product with great margin and we chose sticking plasters. Our plan was to build a brand that was easy to sell and of such good quality that families would look forward to the annual school fundraising campaign. The profit from selling these sticking plasters…
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How It Works

Each participating student is provided with a pack of Disaster Plasters to sell into their communities. A School Aid Coordinator works with your team every step of the way to ensure a successful campaign. The individual boxes of 50 Disaster Plasters sell for $5.00 each. $2.00 from every box sold goes directly back to your school.
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Getting Started

Connect with us by phoning School Aid on one of the numbers below or by emailing us at: A School Aid coordinator will book you in for a 2 week Disaster Plaster campaign and ensure that no other school in your area is running a Disaster Plaster campaign around the dates you want.
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