Nobody wants to fundraise… Committees and time commitments.
More work when you dream of rest…
Please pick someone else we silently cry…
This is the way I am sure all of us initially feel when asked to commit to a school fundraising team.
Obviously schools need to raise funds for all sorts of non-government funded projects.
So why would anybody get involved?
At School Aid we have run Disaster Plaster campaigns for school resources such as outdoor classrooms, pools and halls, and for trips, camps and sporting equipment.
My personal reason for involvement goes back over 30 years to being a small part of a team with an exceptional leader. The school was new. The tasks seemed daunting.
But the team was enthusiastic and somewhat self-interested in wanting the best for our own children.
The satisfaction of being part of a team and achieving significant goals that enhanced the lives of our children transcended any loss of time and energy.
One of my best ever team members told me that “I didn’t really have the time – but I had the heart.”
Achieving fundraising goals can affect our children’s lives for generations.
What goes most of the way to preventing all that is wrong is great vision from the school leaders.
Translated into great goals for organised fundraisers to inspire and build great teams that deliver great satisfaction to the team.
And an ongoing legacy for our children.